Providing International Students Language & Accent Training, Cultural Expertise and Assistance adapting to a new environment.

Practice The English Language

Practice your new AAA English and speech exercises that build, train and retain oral musculature needed for accurate English. Share them with yur classmates, lab mates, other students, and family. These sound tips work the same for everyone.

Learn New Cultural Skills

Enjoy learning your new AAA English (Advanced American Accent) skills while learning American culture and dining etiquette at the time.

Learn New Accents and Communicate More Easily

You will reduce your foreign accent and learn more AAA English pronunciation in the first class than you did in six months of other formal ESL classes. Learning time is decreased when you learn from the mistakes of your classmates.

Work in Teams

The fluent American English accent makes the difference. Give presentations and work on projects with others. It can make the grade.

About HIS Mision

HIS Mission welcomes international students and scholars, offering hospitality and friendship, and serves as an ambassador of peace and goodwill. To further penetrate the cultural barriers, the organization provides techniques for addressing culture shock issues and expert training to reduce foreign accent and achieve Advanced American Accent.