Language is the key

Learning a language goes beyond just the ability to communicate.  Learning pronunciation and conversation can help you communicate, engage with your peers and prepare yourself for success in your career.

Solve Problems with ease

Problem-solving is easier and saves time when everyone speaks the same language. Climb the career ladder with improved English skills when your fluent American English sounds as good as your employer. Learn Advanced American English accent side-by-side with students from other countries. Utilize new tips on pronunciation that work for people from China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. No more Chinglish.

Create better presentations

Scientific research presentations are incomplete when they are not clearly understood. Apply your new Advanced American Accent English skills when discussing projects with your coworkers, students, or professor, and your presentations will work the way only polished English skills can make them work. Discuss the daily news in a fresh new way. When you graduate begin your future with more than an education and a degree – leave school with the command of English – the universal language of commerce.

Experience more fluid communication

The language of science is a language all its own which demands understanding. Reduce your foreign accent and take command of American English. No matter where your education takes you, it depends on your ability to communicate. English is the universal language of commerce. Sharp communication skills provide opportunities which you would never have otherwise. The polished American English accent will take you farther still. Achieve surprising new heights.When discussing engineering or architectural plans, making clear decisions is never more important, and accurate communication skills makes it easier, faster, and fool-proof. Polished American English skills will break new ground and achieve bigger and better building programs and open new doors when people understand and agree to the terms.